Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Blogging Assignment

I have asked my classes in the past to go out, meet and interview foreigners. However, I decided to change this, and now I have asked my students to try to blog in English. I am a little concerned that they don't think it is worth their time, but I am hoping that as they start to comment and respond to each others' thoughts and opinions they will become more involved and appreciate the assignment.


  1. Hi matin. i am jun woo
    my blogger adress is "nick-bad"
    I forgot my adress...sorry..ㅠㅠ.

  2. hi~~
    what's up Martin? this is hyun kyung.
    i am so glad to contact you and other students trough our blogs.
    i think this is a chance to get to know my new
    freinds a little better.
    i am ganna upload a lot of pictures in the pilippines. if they are considering studying in the pilippines, this will be a good chance to
    look up the pilippines.
    anyway thank you for visiting my blog.
    see you again~

  3. hi~martin. i'm eun ju.
    english speaking is very difficult.ㅠㅠ

  4. At first I'm so sorry about that I've been absent your class so many time T^T anyway I make blog just before!! :) The address is " http://bagisubi.blogspot.com" Welcome everyone!! even nothing in there.kkk
    I hope see you guys tomorrow!!kk!


  5. Martin.
    how was your day? i was absent your class in this morning. actually, i was full of my schedule. but i am sure that we would see each other tomorrow.
    it's getting late. we'd better get some rest for tomorrow.

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  7. hello! my teacher.
    I'm M.J
    I'm very late , I'm so sorry
    but i love you! martin o bba >_< kk

    frankly speaking I'm dreading the morning class. and I'm very very x 100000000.... English difficult.
    but I like English because you!!
    that's very kind of you. kk


    Don't hesitste to drop by anytime kk.

    See you ~ >0< //

  8. How was your hospital trip Martin!! kkk

    I hope you are OK

    anyway I updated my blog just before.

    Plz drop by my blog and comment something anytime. kk

    good night :)