Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bombay TV

I recently was reminded how very cool a tool, Bombay TV, is to use in your English classrooms. I forget who first mentioned it on their blog, but Ana Maria over at lifefeast reminded me recently how fun this tool can be. It allows you to dub, or write subtitles for old Bollywood movies. The clips are short, so its not too intimidating for my students as homework or in the class. Ana suggested having the students, in pairs, develop a dialogue for one clip and then vote to see whose was most interesting. The winning pair comes to the front of the class and records their dialogue. I tried this and it was a great success I thought. The students have to get the timing right, so the winning pair had to record their dialogue several times. I am sure someone somewhere said repetition is good for language learning. I then embedded it into my class blog. Finally, I asked the students to make their own Bombay TV clip using opinion, agreeing, and disagreeing gambits that we have been practicing in class, and upload it to the class site. I suggest giving it a try. It is very fun and motivating.

Here is the one we did in class:

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  1. Haha. That's pretty good. It's a good way for students to get their English out of the book and into something more interesting and fun.